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Southside_ Singing_Studio

Follow my teaching studio on Instagram: Southside_ Singing_Studio

Hi there! Do you have the feeling your life is missing a little creativity? Are you too afraid to sing? Or do you have a natural ability that you'd like to enhance by using technique?

At Southside Singing Studio, I am experienced at teaching and exploring the potential of all voices, ranging from beginner to advanced. I am also well versed in teaching a variety of genres from jazz and musical theatre - through to contemporary pop. If you would like to hear feedback from my students- please access my student testimonials page on my website.

My curriculum has a solid basis in technique and performance - delivered with compassion and humor.  I hold two concerts per year- meaning you are able to learn first hand from a teacher who regularly performs herself. Concerts are designed to be welcoming and supportive, and are perfect for those braving the stage for the first time.

Currently I am available in my Studio at Greenslopes on Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays. Availability is strictly limited however- and spots are reserved for those who can attend weekly lessons. Lessons for school students are bought in blocks of 10 that run in line with the school term- at 325 dollars. Adults enrolled- also buy blocks in terms of 10- however if you are attending after 6pm- you are eligible to buy a block of 5 lessons.